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How to get a free Ubersuggest premium account cookie in 2022

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You want to become the champion of long-tail keywords and build an empire on Ubersuggest, but you don’t want to spend any money? We can help! In this article, we’ll show you how to get a free Ubersuggest premium account cookie and dominate the long tail keyword market!

What is Ubersuggest used for?

This tool is used for generating keyword lists. It does not produce any suggestions on its own but it will use suggestions from other keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Autocomplete, or WordStream as well as a handcrafted dictionary of high-volume keywords. Here’s how it works: you type a seed keyword into Ubersuggest (e.g., best keyword research tool) and then hit enter. The tool will start pulling suggestions from multiple sources and append them together until there are no more possible combinations (note that some might be ridiculous). At that point, you have your first keyword list created by merging suggestion types from different providers. Continue reading →

What it does and how to use it

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that makes it simple to discover new keyword prospects. Simply enter a root term, and Ubersuggest will provide hundreds of related keywords for your website to utilize as subjects, titles, or meta tags.

Here’s how it works: When you enter your root phrase, Ubersuggest returns 10 related terms,
each with its search volume (and Google AdWords competition score).

Overview of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an autosuggest engine that helps you find phrases people have searched for before on Google. It’s a helpful tool for content marketing, competitive intelligence, keyword research, and more. There are a few ways to use it:

  • -Find long-tail keywords you can rank for with your content (great for SEO)
  • -See what your competitors are ranking for
  • -Learn how people search online so you can optimize your site’s usability and conversions

The tool itself is pretty simple—just enter any word or phrase into their search bar, and they will show you other related words or phrases that people have used before.

Ubersuggest – Suggestions for Keywords:

If you already have a keyword or topic that you want to see suggestions for, search it here. It’s not as advanced as Keyword Planner, but it’s still good for getting ideas of how competitive certain keywords are and how much traffic they might receive. If you don’t know what keywords you should be using for your business, start by using Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool.

Ubersuggest – Suggestions for Content:

Using Ubersuggest correctly is crucial. While you could use any word as your suggestion, it’s best to use search terms that are similar (but not identical) to your target keywords. For example, if I was trying to rank for an SEO tutorial I might type the SEO tutorial video into Ubersuggest. This way I can ensure my content covers all of my keyword bases without being too specific or too broad.

The Traffic Analyzer on Ubersuggest

Enter up to five keywords into the Traffic Analyzer tool to get an estimate of their search volume, CPC price (the average amount you spend per click), and level of competition. To estimate traffic, Ubersuggest data and Google AdWords Keyword Planner were utilized. It also predicts how much traffic you’ll receive from Bing and Yahoo.

Although the tool is only available in English, the keyword ideas are given in a variety of languages (e.g., German, French or Spanish).

Traffic Analyzer for the Top Pages

This tool is like the Traffic Analyzer, but it uses data from Ubersuggest’s top-page rankings. It displays the average monthly number of searches for each phrase, as well as the CPC price and amount of competition. The keywords are usually shown in descending order based on search volume.

The Top Pages section also includes predicted traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You may use Ubersuggest data for personal purposes (e.g., keyword research) as long as you attribute the source –

“Ubersuggest” – or link back to the URL of this post on our website.

Analyzer (Traffic Analyzer) Keywords:

This tool allows you to enter up to five keywords to get an estimate of their search traffic,

CPC price (the average amount you pay per click), and competition level.

SEO-Analysis – Page Audit:

Page-Audit may be used to confirm a web page’s SEO visibility and get detailed information about its backlinks.

The report’s four components are competition,

anchor text distribution, traffic projection, and the most connected content. It also suggests ways to improve your page’s search engine rating for specific keywords.

SEO-Stats – SEO Analytics (SEO-Stats):

This tool produces detailed information about your website’s backlinks. The number of external and internal links on each page, as well as the distribution of anchor text, PR (Page Rank),

Alexa ranking, and most linked content, are all presented. It also reveals which phrases trigger a link from a certain page.

SEO-Analysis: Backlinks

Ubersuggest’s Backlinks function displays a list of back- and forward links to the website you pick. It also shows how many pages in the Ubersuggest database link to this one, as well as their PR, URL, and anchor text. There are four sections in the report: external links, internal links, external links, and internal connections (pages linking from other websites).

Is Ubersuggest paid?

Ubersuggest is a free application, but a premium subscription provides more capabilities such as more searches, deeper filtering, and exporting results.
Ubersuggest Features:

What is CPC in Ubersuggest?

CPC, or cost-per-click, is the fee that advertisers pay for each ad click. For example, whenever someone clicks on a Google ad on a search result page, Google costs the advertiser money. They are charged each time someone clicks on their advertisement.

You can google “what is CPC” to find more information.

Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool that is completely free to use! You do not have to pay anything, but the pro edition includes additional capabilities such as advanced search, unlimited searches, exporting results, and so on. We hope this blog post assisted you in locating and using Ubersuggest Free Premium Account.

Who is the owner of Ubersuggest?

Neil Patel owns Ubersuggest. He is a well-known entrepreneur and the founder of various firms,

including Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Kissmetrics, and KISSinsights. If you want to learn more about Neil, you may go to his website.

Ubersuggest Free Premium Account?

Ubersuggest is one of the greatest free keyword tools available. (However, you may need to give.) The program has premium capabilities that are quite beneficial and remove most of the guesswork out of specialty selection. It is now possible to create a new account with an updated IP address that is no longer restricted.

What are the benefits of using Ubersuggest?

Ubbersuggest is an excellent tool for identifying keywords. It returns a list of keywords relevant to the one you typed in. It also offers a variety of data, allowing you to see how many searches there are for the term, how much competition there is, how simple it would be to rank for it, and so on.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

How do I add Ubersuggest to Chrome?

Ubersuggest can be added to Chrome by visiting the link  

Click on “Add to Chrome” and you’re all set!

Which is better Ubersuggest or Ahrefs?

Both Ubersuggest and Ahrefs are excellent tools. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but they can assist you in locating hot phrases. You might also want to look into KWFinder. It is similar to Ubersuggest but has more extensive search capabilities. However, the pro edition includes fewer search options.

Is there a free version of Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest provides a similar function to Buzzsumo, except it is completely free. It’s known as Content Ideas. Simply input a keyword or phrase, and it will display all of the popular blog entries that contain that term. Following that, the blog entries are ordered by social shares, backlinks, and search traffic.

How To Get Ubersuggest Account For Free

If you don’t have enough money to subscribe to an ubersuggest premium account, you can use a 7-day trial account that you can cancel at any moment. Furthermore, you may use ubersuggest cookies to gain access to premium accounts at ubersuggest without paying any money or registering.

On this website, you may get premium ubersuggest cookies for free. Ubersuggest cookies will be updated here daily and every hour when cookies expire. You can stay up to date with ubersuggest cookies by visiting our site regularly. If the cookies have expired, you may also send a comment and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Steps on how to get Ubersuggest Free Premium Account

  • First, please use Google Chrome on your computer or laptop.
  • Next, you can install the cookie editor extension in google chrome.
  • The next step is to copy and paste the latest ubersuggest cookies into the cookie editor.
  • Pin the chrome extension into your extension menu
  1. Click on the grey icon on your right-hand side

2. Pin the extension so that it should be visible on your browser

3. Click on the cookie editor icon and delete the cookies

4. Click Here to download the Premium Cookie

5. The next step is to copy and paste the latest ubersuggest cookies into the cookie editor.

6. Lastly press the export button and enjoy the premium ubersuggest account for free.

7. Just refresh the page and don’t forget to use a VPN throughout this process.

What Not To Do When Using Ubersuggest Premium Account Cookies

  • You can’t log out of the account.
  • You should not change the password and account name because it will make the Envato account expire.
  • Don’t share this cookie with other groups or websites without admin knowledge.


How To Access Ubersuggest Free Premium Account Cookies Using The Method Explained Above. The above steps are what you need to follow if you want to access ubersuggest free premium account cookies and all that is required of you is some time and effort. If you have followed these steps correctly, then there is no reason why you should not be able to access ubersuggest premium cookies for free as often as you like!

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