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30 Best Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers in 2022

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Google AdSense is a program that allows website owners to place ads on their sites and earn money when people click on their ads. While AdSense can be a great way to monetize your blog, it is not the only option.

There are plenty of Google AdSense alternatives to help you make money from your blog. Here are 30 of the best Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers in 2022:

30 Best Adsense Alternatives

(30 Best Adsense Alternatives)

Google AdSense


Google AdSense is a platform created by Google for smaller websites or blogs to make money off of advertisements.

Although it can be difficult to get approval from Google and take time, it is a great way to make money off advertisements if your website or blog is small.

Without tools like Facebook Ads Manager, it is difficult to target an audience with specific interests.

What is the Amazon affiliate program?

The Amazon affiliate program, which is also known as Amazon Associates, is a way for website owners and bloggers to earn commission on qualifying purchases that they refer.

Essentially, if you recommend a product on your website or blog, and someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase, you could earn a commission.

The sign-up process is relatively easy and there are many YouTube tutorials that you can follow.

Given that Amazon is one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms globally, it offers plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers to make money.

Learn How to the approved by Google Adsense The Ultimate Guide.

Adversal offers an Easy-to-Use Platform

Best Adsense Alternatives

Adversal offers an easy-to-use platform that lets your ads run natively on any website, with just a few minutes of setup.

It has a straightforward interface that allows users to pause their campaigns, apart from starting and ending them.

affiliates can get into action by adding links within their content that directly takes users to purchase products from advertisers.

Whenever a user buys through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Note that Adversal requires a minimum of 50k page views per month on your website and that your website must have an authentic domain name. is the Best Ad Network for Experienced Bloggers

If you’re an experienced blogger, is the best ad network for you. With high CPMs and a wide variety of ad sizes and types, you can customize your ads to perfectly fit your blog.

Plus, they work with well-known brands and companies, so you can be confident that your ads will be relevant and targeted. is a leading service in contextual advertising that can be run by Bing and Yahoo. It is one of the best AdSense alternatives for publishers and advertisers.

It has a variety of display ads and native ads available on desktop or mobile devices, depending on your needs. The minimum payout is $100 per month, paid through PayPal.

Monumetric Review: impression-based Ad Network


If you are looking for a monetization solution that is straightforward and effective, then Monumetric is a great option.

It is simple and easy to use with a content-centric platform that allows you to earn well when your articles are viewed.

It runs on an impressions model, meaning the more people see ads, the higher your earnings will be than most other networks out there today.

One of the best things about Monumetric is that it has a very low minimum payout threshold.

You only need $50 in your account to cash out, and payments are made quickly and easily through PayPal. There are no Hidden Fees, so what you see is what you get.

Additionally, Monumetric offers a very user-friendly interface. You can see your earnings in real-time and track your traffic with ease.

(30 Best Adsense Alternatives)

The network is also great at finding the right ad placements for your site so that you can maximize your earnings potential.

Overall, Monumetric is a great option for bloggers and website owners who are looking for an easy way to monetize their site.

The network is user-friendly, offers quick and easy payments, and has a low minimum payout threshold.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

If you are looking for a new ad network to try, then Monumetric is a great option.

Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is an advertising platform that pays you for displaying ads on your blog, whether the blog is new or old.

Their pop-under ads are their most well-known type of ad, which appear behind the current browser window when you close it.

In addition to pop-unders, they also offer other types of targeted ads, such as banners and video ads on desktop computers, native mobile ads (like banner rotation), and push notifications for apps.

You don’t have to pay anything upfront to use Propeller Ads, and you can start earning money as soon as you reach the $5 payout threshold through PayPal.


 Revcontent helps website owners and publishers drive engagement and revenue with high-quality content by providing access to over 10,000 content providers

and an extensive range of features to customize content recommendations including targeting specific audiences and tracking performance.

 Revcontent only accepts sites with at least 50K monthly visitors and regular content production, so make sure you are able to meet these requirements before applying.

Once set up correctly and approved, publishers, will receive payments every month straight into their bank accounts.



Adthrive is an advertising platform that takes good care of bloggers and is best suited for larger blogs.

This cost-per-impression-based advertising platform works closely with publishers and advertisers to ensure your blog site is only advertising exceptional products and services.

The team at Adthrive will help you find the most optimal spots for monetization, and also provides 75% payouts directly to publishers and guarantees timely payment.

So even if Adthrive doesn’t receive payment from advertisers in time, you will always be paid in full.

However, this is not for beginners – you need at least 100,000 monthly page views and the majority of them must be from United States citizens to qualify for Adthrive’s services.

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 Infolinks provides an attractive alternative to display ads by placing ads on the relevant text. When visitors hover over the text, they will see ads pop up on their screen.

This makes it easier to navigate and find information within blogs. Bloggers can use Infolinks to monetize their blogs without investing in expensive ad campaigns.

They can simply use their expertise to place relevant ads on their blog, which can be monetized through PayPal payments every 45 days.

There is no setup fee or minimum requirements for page views. Infolinks is one of the best AdSense alternatives.

Mediavine: The Best Ad Network for Lifestyle Bloggers

Mediavine is a great ad network for lifestyle bloggers. It offers a 75% revenue share and is similar to AdThrive.

The big difference is that you only need 50k monthly views on your blog to use Mediavine. The advertisers on this service are focused on lifestyle content creators.

They also bring empathy into your partnership, something hard to find nowadays.

If you’re a blogger looking for more exposure and income opportunities, consider signing up with Mediavine today.

As a bonus, they also have low minimum payouts of $25 for PayPal or $200 for international direct deposit.

This means there is no risk even if your first few months aren’t successful.


Taboola is a popular advertising platform that offers a 100% fill rate across any geographical location.

With features like promoted product listings, in-feed units’ customizable widgets, and much more, it is no surprise that this platform has quickly become an industry leader.

Taboola is a platform that offers many features to help you create sponsored content.

You can use it across different websites, and Google will show your ads in the paid section of their search engine

while also providing space on various social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


 Best Adsense Alternatives

PopAds is the name you need to know when it comes time for advertising on the internet.

The services of this platform were established in 2010.

These vendors provide a platform where users can create ads that will pop up across various websites, providing them with lucrative opportunities by increasing traffic.

In a world full of pop-ups, it is important to have an ad service like PopAds.

With their decade-long history in this industry and expertise that will help your company succeed online, they are worth considering for all of your marketing needs.

The best thing about PopAds is that there is no minimum traffic or page views requirement to sign up. You can withdraw money at any time into an AlterPay or PayPal account.


Sovrn is a one-stop shop for your affiliate marketing needs that offers ad creation, automatic payment processing, and performance metric tracking.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is an excellent way to make more money from your website while not increasing costs.

If you’re already doing well, it might be worth switching over, but if you’re not getting high click-through rates on ads, sticking with the original platform might work best for you and give better results overall.

Google Ad Manager is designed for the needs of today’s marketers and gives you access to all vendors, integrating seamlessly with your favorite RTB solutions.

readers get relevant ads in their inboxes, but companies can advertise securely on Google Ads.

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Best Adsense Alternatives

 Google Ad Manager is a great way to increase your feature-richness while still earning money from Google’s advertising network.

You’ll get paid per 1,000 impressions, rather than clicks, and can create an even more engaging experience.

Why Use Bidvertiser?

This trustworthy and reliable ad network can be one of the best AdSense alternatives for publishers, as it specializes in helping publishers monetize their content with customizable layouts that fit into a website’s design.

You earn money for every click-through and conversions from those clicks, and Bidvertiser has a low withdrawal threshold of only $10.

Furthermore, this ad network offers extra revenue for click conversions and allows you to target ads based on location, keywords, or channel preferences.

Additionally, the Bidvertiser has an array of mobile-friendly ad formats, including Native Ads, Banners, Pop-unders, and Smartlinks.

They also have sliders, which make your message more visible than other ads.

Carbon Ads

Carbon is the perfect ad platform to use if you’re targeting developers or designers.

The ads are high quality and cater to the needs of your target audience, which means you’ll see more interactions.

Some well-known companies that use Carbon are Coding Horror, JSFiddle, World Vector Logo, Laravel, Dribble, Font Awesome, Sketch App Resources, and Get Bootstrap.

With these design-based ads, your site is guaranteed to look amazing. However, you need to have a certain number of page views to use this service.

 SHE Media

 If you are looking for content tailored specifically for a female audience, SHE Media is the perfect place to start.

With a focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, SHE Media has something for everyone.

And because they know what women want, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible content for your needs.

When you sign up with SHE Media, they will help your blog reach new heights.

As a digital media company that produces content for and by women (known primarily through their blogs), it’s easy to see why this network would be worth considering.

The requirements to qualify as an approved site within their partner network are simple:

your site should have at least 20K monthly views and, of those views, 80% should be from the US and 70% of those should be female.

YlliX offers an easy-to-use self-serve platform

You can choose from pop-ups, sliders, push notifications, banners, and more to create your own advertising campaign with no traffic requirements and minimum payouts.

You will also have options based on whether you want more impressions, clicks, or actions from one user. And the best part is, you will get paid up to $100 per user if they sign up through your referral link.


RevenueHits is a new and innovative monetization platform that is gaining traction for its seamless content monetization.

It is a bit different from other PPA networks in that it uses ‘smart links’ rather than traditional banners or text links.

Smart links dynamically generate ad units based on what is most likely to perform well on your site, resulting in higher CTRs and conversions.

With RevenueHits’ advanced ad optimization tool, you can identify the ideal places to place ads on your site in order to generate revenue from visitors who perform certain actions, like purchasing items or signing up with email addresses found in our database.

RevenueHits pays out via PayPal and Payoneer, and their minimum payout is $20.

What is Adcash?

Best Adsense Alternatives

Adcash is a platform that allows website owners and content creators to monetize their websites, regardless of their location.

The platform serves ads in 196 countries and has over 200 million active users globally. You can make money from your site even if it’s not served locally.

Adcash’s anti-block technology bypasses any Ad blocker browser extensions, so visitors will see your ads for sure and it will give you the opportunity to earn more cash.

Ezoic Makes Advertising Easy

Ezoic makes it easy for publishers to access and manage sophisticated advertising operations with ease.

The best part is that it is free to use. With Ezoic’s Google-certified publication partner status, advertisers can easily place ads on their website through thousands of networks with just one click.

Adsterra Review

Best Adsense Alternatives

Adsterra is a well-known advertising network with more than 30 billion monthly ad impressions.

They have an innovative Partner Care approach and offer support for mainstream and non-mainstream verticals to ensure you get the most out of your advertising budget.

You can set up your ads within a minute with Adsterra and they support all advertisement formats.

This makes it simple to implement the plugin into your site, whether it is a personal blog for beginners or a corporate website designed by agency professionals.

However, to unlock its full potential, we recommend that publishers should have decent traffic before considering Adsterra.

If you are starting up or need some help with Google Ads, our team will be happy to take care of these tasks while still providing quality service through their smooth API integration.


GumGum is a media company that specializes in contextual advertising.

By scanning a website for images and videos, they are able to place ads in strategic locations that result in up to a 37% increase in user engagement.

Millions of people visit GumGum to take advantage of their ad revenue sharing program, with a focus on image ads that use photos and banners to capture attention.


Criteo is a French technology company that specializes in performance-based digital marketing.

Its main product is Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, which uses real-time data to create personalized ads for each user.

This is one of the AdSense alternatives that powers global publishers with trusted advertising that makes an impact and leaves a good impression.


Best Adsense Alternatives

Exponential is the only advertising network that provides transparent, dynamic, and relevant ad formats to partners.

It has created an innovative way for publishers to monetize their content by providing robust ads across display, video, and mobile.

To join the Exponential network, you will need a minimum of 500,000+ unique visitors each month through your website or apps.

Inskin Media: Helping Brands and Publishers Overcome the Digital Dilemma

Since 2010, Inskin Media has helped brands and publishers overcome the digital dilemma, by delivering seamless, high-impact advertising that doesn’t sacrifice user experience.

If your website has moderate to high traffic, you can join their network as a partner.

With over 1000 brands and 260 partnerships, they have a long history of success in delivering high-impact advertising that’s integrated into your user experience, to increase ROI for advertisers.

CPA Marketing for beginners, The ultimate Guide.

What is Adblade?

Adblade is a technology company that specializes in developing innovative advertising solutions for brands and publishers.

Adblade’s ad platform combines the power of native advertising to deliver superior results for advertisers and higher CPMs for publishers.

Adblade has been operational for over 10 years and is headquartered in New York City.

How does Adblade work?

 Adblade helps you grow your revenue by attracting top-tier brands with their smart targeting tools, while also turning negative inventory into cash.


Best Adsense Alternatives

BuySellAds is a popular ad network that connects advertisers with publishers who want to sell advertising space on their websites.

Advertisers can choose from a wide range of ad sizes and formats and target their ads to specific countries, cities, or even zip codes.

Publishers can set their prices for ad space, and they can also choose which ads to display and when to display them.

This self-serve ad portal only accepts websites with excellent content and design that generate significant engagement.

Those who meet this criterion can enjoy 75% commission rates which makes it extremely competitive compared to Google AdSense. The minimum payout via PayPal is just $20.

What is Skimlinks?

Best Adsense Alternatives

Skimlinks is a commission-based affiliate marketing platform that allows bloggers to embed text-based links into their content.

The service has been shown to be effective in monetizing blogs without displaying ads and can be used in conjunction with product reviews for even more exposure.

You will also receive revenue from product purchases made through these Skimlinks affiliates.

The Skimlinks program has a low minimum payout rate of $10, however, payments are only made every 90 days.

Although this payout schedule is not as frequent as other affiliate programs, it still beats most other programs where you can make less commission.

 why Setupad is great for publishers

The great thing about Setupad is that it provides publishers with more opportunities to make money.

With Google AdSense, you are only able to get 30% of your ad revenue, if any; that percentage can be as high as 60% with Setupad.

If you have a website that receives 100,000 or more visits per month, then it’s worth considering partnering with Setupad.

This platform provides ad formats like rich media ads, expandable native advertisements on desktops, and video placements.

After 60 days, the first payment is given to publishers and after that, if you reach a minimum of €100 threshold, you will be paid monthly.


Best Adsense Alternatives

 Adblockers are extensions or programs that remove ads from websites, in order to make them load more quickly and easily.

AdRecover is a software solution that gets around ad blockers, to make sure that your advertisements are not blocked and appear on every web page.

Your site should have at least 10,000 monthly page views in order to use AdRecover’s services.

At present, more than half of all internet users actively use ad blocking software.

This means that online advertisers and publishers rely heavily on advertising revenue to keep their websites and businesses going.

So, why not you? While some of the options on this list are AdSense alternatives, some are even better.

However, leaving AdSense may not be the best choice for everyone. In this post, we have tried to cover the best AdSense alternatives, so that they can help you monetize your website. 

FAQs ( 30 Best Adsense Alternatives)

Best Adsense Alternatives

What are the pros and cons of using an alternative to Adsense?

Some ad networks may be more difficult or complicated to use than Google Adsense.

However, some ad networks might offer better advertising rates than Google’s $1.00 CPM, provide more options for customization, or be more focused on niche audiences.

The downside is that it might take a lot of time and effort on your part to try out all these different ad networks until you find one that works well with your blog.

What are the pros and cons of using an alternative to Adsense?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to go with an alternative:

  • How much work will it be?
  • Will my ads perform as well as they do on Adsense?
  • Will I have more control over what ads show up on my site?
  • Is there any additional cost associated with using this particular network?
  • Do I need other plugins/software from this company, like ClickBank offers links/products from their own website and then shares the profits with you if someone buys something through their link?

How do I choose the right Adsense alternative for my blog?

Like most decisions you make in life, choosing which alternative to use comes down to personal preference.

If you’re still on the fence about which ad network would be best for your blog, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would I rather spend less time managing ads (but potentially make less money)?
  • Or would I rather spend more time managing ads (and potentially make more money)?
  • Are my visitors predominantly male or female?
  • Do my visitors primarily search for information about sports/cars/pets?

What are some things to keep in mind when using an Adsense alternative?

Ad Networks are often not as simple to implement and manage as Google’s AdSense.

You may be wasting time troubleshooting or looking up help articles instead of writing new content.

Some networks might be more likely to place annoying or offensive ads on your site than others.

However, if you want more control over where and how your adverts are displayed, you’ll have to trade off convenience for some extra legwork.


(30 Best Adsense Alternatives)

If you’re a blogger who’s looking for ways to monetize your website, then you’ll want to check out this list of the best Adsense alternatives for 2022.

From display advertising to affiliate marketing, there are plenty of options available to help you make money from your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring these options today and see which one is right for you.

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